Enabling media markets to work for democracy

It’s hard to think of a time in recent history when access to trustworthy information has been more important.

Independent public interest media matters now more than ever. It is a critical building block for healthy democracies everywhere. It is fundamental to countering the malicious spread of mis- and dis- information, to free and fair elections, and ensuring space where civil and democratic norms can thrive.

The International Fund for Public Interest Media will create the step change needed to enable the development, sustainability and independence of public interest media – especially in resource-poor and fragile settings.

“Globally, only 0.3% of development funds go to media, and independent news groups will need help to survive the next few years of our information dystopia. This is why there is an effort to establish an International Fund for Public Interest Media… I am part of its Advisory Group.”
Maria Ressa

‘Rappler As democracy dies, we build a global future’

“Newspapers alone are looking at loss that could amount to a $30 billion drop in expected revenues in 2020 going by responses from our strategic sample. Huge risk of market failure. Urgent need to discuss responses, where policy or initiatives like the proposed International Fund for Public Interest Media.”
Dr Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and IFPIM Advisory Group member

United Nations Secretary-General

Antonio Guterres welcomes the creation of the International Fund for Public Interest Media. Ensuring sufficient funding and support is crucial to securing the long-term future of independent media organisations, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

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Founders & funders

A feasibility study conducted by BBC Media Action shows an International Fund for Public Interest Media would be an effective vehicle for enabling media markets to work for democracy.