Support for the fund

The International Fund’s broad coalition of government, philanthropic, and corporate supporters have unlocked the financial and political capital necessary to launch and sustain a true multi-stakeholder initiative to address the challenges faced by independent public interest media at scale.

The Fund represents an unprecedented opportunity for international cooperation between governments, corporate entities, and philanthropies to mount an ambitious, concerted effort to sustain the future of the world’s public interest media. Those who support the Fund are ever more confident that it is needed urgently, that credible alternative strategies to support media at scale are not available, and that the democratic and development costs of failing to act escalate by the day.

Global Endorsement

“Globally, only 0.3% of development funds go to media, and independent news groups will need help to survive the next few years of our information dystopia. This is why there is an effort to establish an International Fund for Public Interest Media.”
Maria Ressa

Co-chair-elect, IFPIM
Co-founder and CEO, Rappler

“I am personally backing an International Fund for Public Interest Media designed to draw on international development and other philanthropic resources to support independent media, both here in Africa and more broadly as media organisations adjust from a dying business model to one that has yet to be born. I appeal to our international partners and those committed to supporting democracy in Africa and elsewhere to do so too.”
John Kufuor

Former President of Ghana (2001–2009) (in the foreword to IFPIM’s feasibility study), 2020.

“Keeping with our view that the media plays a crucial role in the functioning of democracy ... we are also contributing to the International Fund for Public Interest Media to support the development of public interest media in resource-poor and fragile settings.”
Jacinda Ardern

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand (2017–2023), December 2021

“I’m in favour of France providing financial support to the Fund and will also be happy to call on those other nations part of the Partnership on Information and Democracy to support the Fund.”
Emmanuel Macron

President of France (in a letter to IFPIM Co-Chairs Maria Ressa and Mark Thompson), February 2022

“A free and independent media is the bedrock of democracy. And around the world, press freedom is under threat. We’re committing critical seed money to launch a new multilateral effort, an International Fund for Public Interest Media, to sustain independent media.”
Joe Biden

President of the United States of America, December 2021

Founders & funders​

The International Fund for Public Interest Media is an independent fund made possible by the generous financial support of the donors below. To date, the International Fund has mobilized nearly $50 million USD in financial support for its scale-up and launch.

The International Fund's 2023 annual report provides an overview of its progress during its initial operational phase.

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