Support for the fund

As we start fundraising in earnest, we will need political and diplomatic leadership from those countries and stakeholders most committed to reinvigorating democracy.

The Fund represents an unprecedented opportunity for international cooperation between governments, large technology companies, other corporations, and other sources of philanthropic capital to mount an ambitious, concerted effort to sustain the future of the world’s public interest media.

Those who support the Fund are ever more confident that it is needed urgently, that credible alternative strategies to support media at scale are not available, and that the democratic and development costs of failing to act escalate by the day.

United Nations Secretary-General

Antonio Guterres welcomes the creation of the International Fund for Public Interest Media. Ensuring sufficient funding and support is crucial to securing the long-term future of independent media organisations, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

Support, inspiration and encouragement for the fund are snowballing…

“Globally, only 0.3% of development funds go to media, and independent news groups will need help to survive the next few years of our information dystopia. This is why there is an effort to establish an International Fund for Public Interest Media… I am part of its Advisory Group.”
Maria Ressa

‘Rappler As democracy dies, we build a global future’

“Newspapers alone are looking at loss that could amount to a $30 billion drop in expected revenues in 2020 going by responses from our strategic sample. Huge risk of market failure. Urgent need to discuss responses, where policy or initiatives like the proposed International Fund for Public Interest Media.”
Dr Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and IFPIM Advisory Group member

Mark Nelson

Senior Director, Center for International Media Assistance

“Thousands of small grants have been given to journalists around the world by different foundations, companies and governments. But there is an understanding that saving journalism means thinking far bigger. Luminate is sponsoring a billion dollar International Fund for Public Interest Media.”
Dr Anya Schiffrin

Saving Journalism: A vision for the Post-Covid World, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

“Democratic governments, tech companies and other stakeholders need to invest in public interest funds to support media that counters disinformation [such as] a major new global fund to strengthen public interest reporting around the world”
Peter Promerantsev

London School of Economics Maryam Forum report

Colin Crowell

US Representative, International Fund for Public Interest Media

“Support network funder initiatives that seek to foster new journalism investors with the assurance of independence and transparency – for example the International Fund for Public Interest Media”
Journalism and the Pandemic

10 key takeaways from the philanthropist’s roundtable, ICFJ and Tow Center

“I am personally backing an International Fund for Public Interest Media designed to draw on international development and other philanthropic resources to support independent media, both here in Africa and more broadly as media organisations adjust from a dying business model to one that has yet to be born. I appeal to our international partners and those committed to supporting democracy in Africa and elsewhere to do so too.”
His Excellency John A Kufuor

President of Ghana (2001-2009)

Sheetal Vyas

Founding Executive Director, International Fund for Public Interest Media

Dr Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and IFPIM Advisory Group member

Maria Teresa Ronderos

Co-founder of the Latin American Center for Investigative Journalism (CLIP)

Dele Olojede

Nigerian Journalist

Our founding partners are Luminate and BBC Media Action. Additional operational funding has been received from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and National Endowment for Democracy. The Fund has now been established as an independent entity.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.